Why Implementing Employee Drug Testing Is Worth The Cost

December 3, 2014


 Implementing an effective employee drug testing program has many organizational benefits for your business. It promotes employee safety and a more productive workplace, not to mention that it is simply good business sense. While there are expenses to testing your employees, the advantages of drug testing make it worth the cost.


Reduces employee absenteeism

Reduces employee absenteeism

9% of organizations reported high absenteeism rates (more than 15%) prior to a drug testing program, whereas only 4% of organizations reported high absenteeism rates after the implementation of a drug testing program. This is a decrease of approximately 50% of employee absenteeism.


Decrease in workers' compensation incidences

Decrease in workers’ compensation incidences

14% of organizations reported high workers’ compensation incidence rates prior to a drug testing program, whereas only 6% of organizations reported similar rates of workers’ compensation after the implementation of a drug testing program, a decrease of approximately 50%.


Increase in employee productivity rates

Increase in employee productivity rates

After the implementation of a drug testing program, nearly one-fifth (19%) of organizations experienced an increase in work rate.


Decreases employee turnover

Decreases employee turnover

16% of organizations saw a decrease in employee turnover rates after the implementation of drug testing programs.


Compliance with legal requirements

Compliance with legal requirements

In some cases, testing is a requirement. It’s recommended that employers retain legal counsel specializing in drug testing to review drug and alcohol testing laws in the states where their applicants and employees reside, and states where they have physical locations. Companies covered by the United States Department of Transportation must test employees for drug use. The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 requires some companies to test employees if they wish to obtain a contract with the federal government. In addition, if a company receives a grant from the federal government, it must test its employees for drug use.

Visit  www.datia.org for a great resource to stay updated on drug testing industry trends and legislation.

If you would like to discuss implementing or modifying your employee (DOT or Non DOT) drug testing program, please contact Doug Daniel at OHC to set an appointment to get information about our doctors, services, and practice.


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Drug Testing Efficacy 2011, a recent poll conducted by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA).




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